Our team of experienced Will writing solicitors and probate law experts can assist you with any related service, from drafting basic Wills to the administration of estates and gifting property our specialist solicitors have the experience and expertise to assist you. 

By making a Will, a person can control what is to happen to their assets, and who should inherit their assets, on their death. A person who dies leaving a Will is referred to as a person dying “testate”. A person who dies who has not made a valid Will is referred to as a person dying “intestate”. Subject to certain provisions of the Succession Act, a person who leaves a valid will on death can decide, through the Will, how his or her property is to be distributed among beneficiaries named in the Will. The person appoints an Executor (or Executors) in the Will who will carry out the person’s intentions and ensure that the various beneficiaries receive what is given to them in the person’s Will.

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