McGrady & Co. are here to assist you on all areas in relation to property purchasing and refinancing. Purchasing a property is one of the biggest purchases individuals make through their lifetime. McGrady & Co. will guide you through the process from the time you find the perfect property through to the getting the keys. Our team pride ourselves on providing a cost effective and efficient service.

As a Purchaser it is critical to any transaction, whether your family home, holiday home, investment property or site is that you received good marketable title with all services and taxes paid up to date. As a Vendor it is important that you know what documentation you will require to satisfy a Purchase to avoid any delays on closing of the transaction. We will assist you in obtaining and collating same.

McGrady & Co provide a full range of conveyancing services in relation to the purchase of residential/commercial property, re-financing and Lease Agreements. Click here to discuss your requirements.