At McGrady & Co we, as your independent legal representatives aim to help you find a fair, equitable and just solution to many of the difficult and traumatic decisions facing you after the breakdown of your marriage or relationship. The success and effectiveness of the system depends on the honesty, cooperation and integrity of the participants and has at it’s core the future and ongoing well being of the family and the individual as a whole.

The essence of the process is that it is in the best interest of the participants and their families to try to resolve these disputes in a non – confrontational manner. This is achieved by way of informal four way discussions with each party ensuring their direct influence on the outcome. The ultimate aim is to avoid conflict in family law disputes and to provide sustainable and comprehensive solutions to separating couples and their families. With the benefit of legal advice and assistance you can make the decisions you and your family need to make based on reasoned judgement and realistic aspirations

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